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Are you on medication to boost your thyroid levels, for example?

If so, you face a strange problem: Lots of foods that are super-healthy for other folks could actually interfere with your medication!

Broccoli is just one great food you might need to limit. Another food, increasingly popular lately, actually “crashes” your thyroid hormone! You’ll need higher doses to build it back up. See page 63 for this important “heads-up”!
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With problems like pain or breathing difficulty, you want the fastest possible relief. Surprisingly, the food you eat can have a major effect on how fast you’ll enjoy that relief!

When you want quick relief from pain with the aspirin substitute acetaminophen, for example, be careful about the foods mentioned on page 21 of Drug Muggers! You might have to wait longer for the pain-easing effect to kick in!

If you’re taking the more powerful opiate pain relievers—perhaps because of back pain, a broken bone, or recent surgery—you should know that the foods identified on page 56 can keep you hurting longer!

In both cases, the answer is not to avoid these foods altogether—they’re actually good for you!—but to take them at a different time of day!

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Avoid food "Booby Traps"!
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MANY BREATHING MEDICATIONS used in bronchodilators help people with asthma and other problems avoid wheezing and shortness of breath. If you use them, be very careful about barbecuing or grilling meat! That cooking technique releases chemicals in the meat that can result in a very dangerous reaction!

MANY BLOOD PRESSURE MEDICINES of the very popular beta-blocker class are subject to change by the food you eat. One study found a high-protein meal (say, a big steak) increased the availability of the drug by 53 percent! This boost is dangerous because it can cause lightheadedness, dizziness, fainting, and slowed heartbeat!

Certain ACID BLOCKERS are used by many people to prevent heartburn. While they can deplete you of key B vitamins, you can offset this unhealthy effect by reaching into your fridge and drinking a certain juice! Discover the problem-sparing beverage on page 22 in your FREE-preview copy of Drug Muggers!

BIG GREEN SALADS are packed with good nutrition. But if you’re taking many blood thinners, there’s a problem. Greens contain a lot of vitamin K, which helps the blood clot, making it thicker in effect. Enjoy your salad without worrying by following the advice on page 26 in
Drug Muggers!

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Put vitamin robbers under "arrest" now!
Do you take laxatives more than twice
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a week? By speeding the passage of food through your colon, laxatives can cause a drug-mugging of every nutrient you need for good health! See pages 74 and 92 and discover how to reverse the damage!

Do you sit in an office all day?
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could well suffer a shortage of a key vitamin. It’s so important that research has found a deficiency is a major factor in the development of at least 17 types of cancer, as well as stroke, heart attack, diabetes, hip fracture, and chronic pain! Protect yourself NOW with the information on pages 266–273 in Drug Muggers!

Is wine the sixth food group in your
house? Regular use of alcohol will mug your
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body of all the B vitamins, as well as vitamin C and minerals. Your brain, liver, and pancreas can all be damaged. This powerful drug-mugging effect occurs even in people who drink one glass of wine with dinner each night! If you’re going to indulge, protect yourself with the advice on page 75!
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When Foods and Drugs Collide!
  Drug Muggers is packed with information on the surprising interactions of drugs and food. Get problem-avoiding tips if you take any of the following:

Acid Blockers
Allergy Medicines
Anxiety Medicines
Arthritis Medications
Blood Pressure Drugs
Blood Thinners
Bone-Building Drugs
Breathing Medications
Diabetes Drugs
Diuretics (Water Pills)
MAO Inhibitors
Mood Modifiers
Oral Contraceptives
Statin Cholesterol
Plus many more!
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