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67 healing foods and kitchen cures!

Created by the health editors you trust at PREVENTION, this FREE guide is your instant encyclopedia for fast-acting health fixes you can do at home. They say “food is your best medicine,” and they’re right! Some examples...

Blood sugar problems? These THREE foods need to be part of your daily diet! Page 3

Tired all the time?
The secret, citrus solution on page 8 will keep you energized all day long—without the jitters.

Heal your heart with onions? It’s an age-old remedy that’s now been confirmed by modern research. It also protects against allergies, ulcers, and even breast cancer. Page 10

Beat high cholesterol with salad dressing? Yes! Ingredients in these foods can decrease total and “bad”
cholesterol. See page 13.

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It’s yours to keep no matter what.

Amazing healing moves that erase your pain!
They also increase your flexibility, prevent soreness after exercise, improve circulation, drive away stress, reduce stiffness, sharpen your mental focus, boost your energy, and make you feel fantastic. Your free guide delivers step-by-step directions and photos so you can’t go wrong. It’s like having your own personal trainer.

Stretching isn’t just for exercise... it’s a powerful healing routine that has lifelong benefits. Your free guide delivers proven, simple routines that get real results and heal the root cause of your problem.

Is BACK PAIN spoiling your daily life? No problem. Just take a few minutes and try this simple, two-step stretch! Really works. Page 17

HIP PAIN? This simple move helps relax your muscles and realign your body for real results. Page 24

ARTHRITIS PAIN? The secret to stretching away the pain in your knees and hips is revealed on page 31.

Pocket encyclopedia of doctors’ home remedies

For decades, the editors of PREVENTION have set the GOLD standard for simple home remedies that really work. Now, for the first time ever, we’ve assembled over 150 of our all-time favorites in a compact, pocket encyclopedia that puts nature’s unstoppable healing power at your fingertips!


Beat ATHLETE’S FOOT with mouthwash? It’s true. Just follow the instructions on page 33.

BACK PAIN? You need peppers! This
trick helps neutralize the pain signals
before they reach your brain! Page 41

MENSTRUAL CRAMPS again? Don’t suffer! Solve the problem with ginger. See page 42.

CAN'T SLEEP? Discover the
world’s best natural sleep enhancer.
NO, it’s NOT melatonin. It’s an herbal extract that summons deep sleep
naturally, with no nighttime awakenings. Page 43

67 healing foods and kitchen cures! Amazing healing moves that erase your pain! Pocket encyclopedia of doctors’ home remedies

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